DiscoverSalon’s Best Hairdressers in Lisbon


At DiscoverSalons, it is our mission to discover and recognize top quality salons from around the world and share them with you. Our next stop is Lisbon, Portugal one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We have made it our duty to keep you beautiful while in Lisbon. Here are our picks of the best hairdressers in Lisbon.



Slash Creative Hair Studio


Slash Hairdresser Studio in Lisbon



Slash is a truly unique salon, not only do they have some of the best stylists Lisbon has to offer but they also have an art gallery and a photo studio in their salon. This exclusive hairdresser will transform you into the confident gorgeous person you know you are, but beware; you may not want to leave Slash afterwards because of its awesome atmosphere.


Slash Creative Hairdresser Lisbon


Slash Hairdresser Studio Lisbon


Apart from hair, they also offer makeup by appointment. So if you want to look stunning while in Lisbon we highly recommend taking a trip to Slash Creative Hair Studio.

It’s no wonder they have a photo studio in the salon, after visiting Slash you will feel like doing a photo shoot, if you do get the cover of VOGUE don’t forget to thank your stylist at Slash.


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Hairdresser Lisbon: Metrostudio


Metrostudio have been keeping the streets of Lisbon looking gorgeous since 2006. Their highly skilled hairdressers are devoted and passionate about every single person who walks through their door. If you walk in Metrostudio you are guaranteed to walk out with a smile on your face.


Metrostudio Hairdresser Interior in Lisbon


Metrostudio Hairdresser Lisbon Photo


They also have one of the most beautiful unique salon interiors that you will find in any city, right down to their personalized hairdresser chairs. A trip to Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without visiting Metrostudio, it’s truly a unique experience you do not want to miss.


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Facto Hair


Lisbon: Facto Hairdresser Logo


Facto Hairdresser Lisbon


Facto is well known in Lisbon for their creative styles. There is a certain ambience of professionalism when you first enter which makes you trust their highly trained stylists can achieve any look or style you desire.


Facto Interior: Hairdresser in Lisbon



The success of the salon is largely due to their magnificent owner, manager and artistic director, Antony. With over 30 years’ experience in the business, his drive and passion for the hair industry are what takes Facto to the next level and it shows. They have won many awards including First Place at the World Final of Wella Trend Vision.

If you are in Lisbon and in need of a confidence booster, then we highly recommend you take a trip to Facto, but if you meet the man or woman of your dreams afterwards don’t forget to thank your stylist at Facto.


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Anton Beill Hairdressing


Anton Beill hairdresser in Lisbon


Anton Beill Hairdressing is completely focused on fashion and beauty. They continue to set trends in the hair industry and have been acknowledged as one of the Leading salons of the world.


Hairdressers in Lisbon: Anton Beill


Anton Beill hairdressers of Lisbon


The professionalism of the stylists will leave you in awe. This is a salon not to be missed when in Lisbon.

The director and creative visionary Anton Beill is a force to be reckoned with. If you have seen his work you will understand that he is one of the leaders in the industry and his passion emanates through his salon.


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The Best Hairdressers in Lisbon

We hope you have enjoyed our picks of the best hair salons in Lisbon. Don’t forget to leave reviews and share your experience after visiting these marvellous salons. Show these creative artists the love they deserve.



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