Top Hair Salons in Milan

Here at DiscoverSalons we have a passion for finding and sharing premium quality salons from around the world. Our next stop is Milan’s fabulous hair salons! Many of the most famous fashion brands were born here, making this city an undisputed destination for some of the best hair styles around. Discovering the top hair salons in Milan was delightful, we loved every minute of it, and now we are excited to share with you our picks of the top hair salons in Milan. All these salons are unique in their own way and will transform your hair and make you feel like hitting the runway in Milan yourself!



Roots Milano Hair Salon


Roots Milano hair salon logo


It’s not often that you find a quality hair salon and tattoo parlour all rolled into one, but Roots Milano pulls it off perfectly. The vibe is fantastic in this salon, it’s the kind of place you would enjoy hanging out even if you’re not getting a cut or tattoo. If you do decide to hangout a bit dont forget to check out all the cool vintage decor they have all over the salon.


Roots Milano hair salon interior


Roots is often referred to as a ‘’creative living room’’ because of their quality innovative stylists and tattoo artists. The passion this team have for their work is just awesome, and it shows through the artistic styles they create day by day.


What Roots hair salon looks like in Milan


Milan Hair Salon: Roots


If you are in Milan and interested in getting a new style or tattoo this is the place to go. Take a look at their website, artists Lucille and Pietro have a ton of great works of art in their look books.


Check out their profile: Roots Milano

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Blow Hair Salon


Blow in Milan: the hair salon's logo

If you are looking for a salon that brings you a breath of naturalness, harmony and freshness then look no further, Blow is your salon.



Photo of Blow hair salon in Minal


Blow has a truly fantastic location, especially if you are sightseeing. It’s located in Via Lecco, 2 in Milan’s Porta Venezia, one of the most beautiful and central areas of the city.


What Blow hair salon looks like


illustration of Blow Milan hair salon


The reviews of this salon are outstanding; it seems anyone who visits them has something good to say. The success of the salon is due to their highly trained professional stylists, whom are some of the best in the city, and their creative director Daniel Maltoni, whose passion has led Blow to be one of Milan’s top salons.


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Rainbow Hair Salon Milano


Rainbow Hair Salon in Milano


Talk about a cool hair salon. When you walk into Rainbow Hair Milan you know you are going to walk out looking and feeling dazzling!


Photos on the wall of Rainbow Hair Milano


The salon has such an exclusive set up you feel like a movie star while getting your new cut & style, at least you look like one afterwards.


Rainbow Hair Salon Milan interior


Milan Hair Salon Rainbow


The salon is the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary and the atmosphere is full of vibrant energy. The philosophy here at Rainbow Hair Milano is ‘’Give colour to your life’’, and let’s be honest, we could all use a little extra colour in our life from time to time.

They also offer a Beard Bar for men so you can get that perfect trim or shave. We highly recommend visiting this salon while in Milan, you will not be disappointed.


Check out their profile: Rainbow Hair Milano

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Orea Malia


Orea Malia Milan hair salon logo



Where to start? If we had to describe Orea Malia’ in one word it would be ‘’Awesome’’.


Orea Malia salon from outside


This is not your traditional Milan hair salon. Orea Malia exudes creativeness. They have taken the typical salon concept and come up with something so extraordinary we believe everyone visiting Milan should stop by. It’s the kind of hair salon you would come up with in your dreams, right down to their multicolour floor design.


creative interior of Orea Malia in Milan


Milan Hair Salon Orea Malia


They have been around since 1978 and since then been changing the Italian hairdressing approach.


Check out their profile: Orea Malia

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Milan: Top Hair Salons

We hope you have enjoyed our top hair salon picks for Milan. Don’t forget to share your experience after visiting these superb salons by leaving a review.

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