Superb Hair Salons in Munich

Munich is a major hub for art, finance, technology, innovation, culture and fashion. So it was to no surprise that we were going to discover some really unique hair salons in this cool city. While researching Munich we came across some of the best hair salons Munich has to offer and we are excited to share them with you.



Rainer Hauber Haare


Rainer Hauber Haare salon model Munich


If you are searching for a modern sleek designed hair salon in Munich which uses all natural organic products, you’ve found one. Rainer Hauber Harre is like a breath of fresh air. It’s relaxing, refreshing and good for the soul.


Rainer Hauber hair salon Munich


They have a team of 15 highly skilled stylists that will transform your hair in any which way you please. After leaving you will feel refreshed and confident to take on the world.


Rainer Hauber hair products in Munich

Rainer Hauber hair tools in Munich salon


They are very passionate about natural beautiful hair and use only natural organic products that will not only make you look better but also give your hair that healthy treat you know it deserves.


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Ferry’s For Hair


Ferry's for hair salon Munich logo


This gorgeous salon is one Munich’s best. Their vision and passion for the industry are what propels them forward. They believe a healthy soul is a reflection of healthy hair and skin and when we are in harmony we radiate positive energy to all those around us. How cool is that! Great philosophy to live by.


Ferry's for hair salon Munich interior


They use special Japanese type-specific cutting techniques that highlight the natural uniqueness of their customers.


Ferry's for hair salon Munich chairs


Ferry's for hair salon Munich interior 2


If you are looking to re-energize yourself, you are in need of a trip to Ferry’s for Hair. They have such a friendly team and atmosphere it will be different than anything you’ve experienced, not to mention their gorgeous and elegant salon interior design.


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David Fechner / Friseur & Barbier


hair salon Munich: David Fechner

Welcome to the first Barber shop in town. David Fechner’s passion and drive to create something special in the Munich Hair scene shines through his Barber shop and recently opened larger salon.


David Fechner Friseur Barbier Munich

David Fechner Friseur Barbier upstairs

If you are in Munich and heading out for a night on the town, David Fechner’s Salon & Barber is the perfect choice for that new style.


David Fechner Friseur in gesucht in Munich


The atmosphere is superb in the Barber shop; they will give you the perfect English style wet shave and welcome you with a chilled beer or coffee. I would personally go with the beer… you’re in the beer capital you know.



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Hair Salons in Munich

We hope you have enjoyed our picks of the top places in Munich. Don’t forget to leave a review after visiting these fabulous salons. Share your experience with the world!




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