Fabulous Spas Around The World

Whether you are in need of a little peace, de-stressing or just have some time off to treat yourself or a loved one, these fabulous spas around the world are here to fulfil all your relaxation desires.




Tokyo, Japan








Boudoir live by one simple rule, to be a home-away-from-home for all beauty lovers living and visiting in Tokyo, and for the lucky ones who have visited them, they know this to be true. Their expertly trained bi-lingual therapists are some of the best you will find from around the world, and will make you look and feel fab when in Tokyo. At Boudoir you will find peace and tranquillity away from the hectic pace of Tokyo’s big city life.


Check out their profile: Boudoir Tokyo

Visit their website: http://boudoirtokyo.com/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoudoirDaySpa/



Banya No.1

London, England









Banya No.1 is the first Russian bath and health spa club in the UK. If you wish to de-stress while in London then you came to the right place. They use strictly natural & organic products that are prepared on the premise which are used in their luxurious invigorating treatments. They are fully equipped to meet all your relaxation needs with an authentic Russian steam room, plunge pool, hot stone room, treatment rooms and a fully licensed lounge bar with traditional food & drinks.


Check out their profile: Banya No.1

Visit their website: http://www.gobanya.co.uk/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoBanya/



119 Salon & Spa

Palm Springs, USA


Salon 119


Salon 119


Salon 119



If you want to look and feel gorgeous when in Palm Springs, make sure to visit Salon 119 & Spa. Located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, Salon 119 & Spa specializes in Hair, Skin, Nails and body treatments. With a friendly professional staff, this is a great place to prepare for weddings, photo shoots and any other special events where you need to look stunning.


Check out their profile: Salon 119 & Spa

Visit their website: http://www.salon119.com/

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Boscolo Spa & Wellness

Prague, Czech Republic








Indulging in some time out and relaxation could not get better than this. Boscolo Prague hotel’s Roman Spa is truly one of the best spas around the world. The close attention to detail and world class design will make you feel recharged after a strenuous day. It’s hard to decide what we like most about this spa, the beautiful mosaic floor on their swimming pool, the steam baths, purifying sauna, whirlpool or fitness area? They have certainly taken the Spa experience to the next level. If you are in the magical city of Prague don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Boscolo hotel’s Roman Spa, it is well worth it.


Check out their profile: Boscolo Spa & Wellness

Visit their website: http://prague.boscolohotels.com/

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 The M Spa

Prague, Czech Republic


M Spa




Rooftop pool


Another Spa from Prague we just couldn’t leave out. The M Spa is located on the 7th Floor of the Emblem Hotel. They offer a variety of world class treatments with a commitment to comfort and privacy, not to mention having one of the coolest rooftop Jacuzzi’s in the city. If you are like me and enjoy a nice morning workout, no problem, their 24-hour fitness facility has you covered.


Check out their profile: The M Spa

Visit their website: http://www.m-spa-prague.com/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMSpaPrague/




The Cabinet Salon

Toronto, Canada


The Cabinet Salon


The Cabinet Salon


The Cabinet Salon


If you are in Toronto and in need of a truly unique experience the Cabinet Salon should be on your list of places to visit. They are located on Queen Street West, Toronto and offer some of the best quality hair services & massage therapy the city has to offer. Their gorgeous interior will transport you back to 17th century France.


Check out their profile: The Cabinet Salon

Visit their website: http://www.thecabinetsalon.com/

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Lavic Salon & Day Spa

Tel Aviv, Israel








Lavic Salon & Day Spa have set a standard of excellence in professional salon treatments since opening their doors in 2010. They have some of the most qualified skin care specialists, massage therapists, nail designers and make-up artists that Tel Aviv has to offer. If you are in this beautiful city and want to pamper yourself, take a little time out and visit Lavic Salon.


Check out their profile: Lavic Salon & Day Spa

Visit their website: http://www.lavicspasalon.com/

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Avant Garde Salon & Spa

Miami, USA


Miami Spa






Avant Garde is a premier salon & spa that will keep you beautiful while in Miami, and let’s face it, who does not want to look beautiful while in Miami. They have been around since 1976 and have been raising the beauty bar in Miami ever since. The atmosphere is always warm and welcome and their professional staff can accommodate all your beauty wishes.


Check out their profile: Avant Garde Salon & Spa

Visit their website: http://www.avantgardesalonandspa.com/

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QC Terme Milano

Milan, Italy


Terme Milano


Terme Milano


Terme Milano


QC Terme Milano is one of Milan’s hidden gems. They have dedicated themselves in the art of wellness and relaxation. They offer whirlpools, saunas, relaxation room and Turkish baths. They also have one of the most interesting and unique saunas we have ever seen. A European style tram that they have transformed into a sauna, sit back and enjoy the ride, next stop relaxationville. Check it out in the picture below.


Outside sauna


Visit their website: http://www.termemilano.com/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Termemilano




Float in

Lisbon, Portugal


Float in Spa Lisbon


Float in Lisbon


Float in Lisbon


If you don’t know what Floating is then you need to Google floatation tanks right now. It is an amazing experience. In short, the tank is loaded with Epsom salts and the water is the same temperature as your body so when you are floating, you lose the sensation of even having a body, great for anyone searching for an out of body experience. Very interesting sensation especially if you are into meditation. It’s quite hard to find quality places to float, until now, introducing Float-in from Lisbon. They offer beauty spa treatments, massages, detox programs and lots more. Lots of great reviews about Float-in, we will definitely be visiting them next time we are in Lisbon.


Visit their website: http://www.float-in.pt/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Floatinspa




ONSEN Hot Pools

Queenstown, New Zealand


Onsen Hot Pools


Onsen Hot Pools


Onsen Hot Pools


If we had to sum up Onsen Hot Pools in one word it would be ‘’Spectacular’’. They are Queenstown’s only private indoor/outdoor hot pools that are located high on the cliffs with a magnificent view overlooking the Shotover River canyon. People only have good things to say after visiting Onsen Hot Pools, a couple from the UK wrote it was ‘’One of the best things we’ve done on our around the world trip! Night-time looking up at the stars was just amazing!’’ If you look at the pictures above you can see what they’re talking about. This truly looks like one of the most relaxing spots on earth.


Visit their website: http://www.onsen.co.nz/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnsenHotPoolsQT/





Chicago, USA


Allyu Spa


Allyu Spa


Allyu Spa

Allyu which is pronounced (ah-yū) is the Quechua word for community and it represents Allyu’s commitment to the ever evolving needs of their clients and the earth that sustains us all. Allyu has created something special here in Chicago that everyone could benefit from. The vibe and atmosphere are full of positive energy, tranquillity and peace, something all of us need from time to time. Allyu has taken the spa experience to the next level and is definitely one of the best spas from around the world.


Visit their website: http://www.allyuspa.com/

Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allyuspa/



We hope you feel a little more relaxed now and could live vicariously through the fabulous spa photos from around the world, if even just for a moment. Don’t forget to leave a review after visiting these marvellous spas to share your experience with the world.


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