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TRICHOMANIA Hair Salon + Shop

is a member of “The Leading Salons of the World” & enjoys an excellent reputation as a 1st choice for haircuts & colour in Prague.
Mark Weston offers 30+ years of experience, international training and focus on sophisticated cutting / colouring techniques.

Trichomania [hair – obsession] is a speciality salon located just off centre Prague, between the National Museum and the upscale residential area Vinohrady. Recommended especially for those who value a good haircut, beautiful colour and healthy hair.

Trichomania’s unusual concept was designed to reflect the work style of its founders, Veronika and Mark Weston. Mark has been focusing on accurate, systematical cutting technique for over 30 years, resulting in a bespoke haircut and colour / highlight experience to the highest of standards. Balanced proportions concentrating on the hairs natural growth pattern and structure reduces the need for styling to a minimum. “Specialising in what I do best and omitting other services completely felt like a good idea to help the salon stand out” says Mark Weston and in return the salon is rapidly developing a reputation as a first choice for haircuts and colour in Prague.

We understand that today’s luxuries also include time and space. Generously booked appointments ensure a relaxed schedule, whilst the unusual “1 at a time” concept guaranties you undivided attention. The salon offers the ultimate balance between a private surrounding and a professional salon. 5 meter high ceilings add a spacious feel to the otherwise intimate salon with its elegant elements contrasting industrial edgyness.
Collecting other ideas to promote the salons individual, independent approach include, for example, being the only stockist for both the famous Mason Pearson and KENT brushes in the Czech Republic, having our own brand of Trichomania haircare products and listening to the newest vinyl on a record player.

Although opening in 2009 we still consider Trichomania to be at the very beginning and becoming a member of “The Leading Salons of the World” shall reflect the high aim for our future development.

The salon is looking smart and the shelves are full of the best of the British hairdressing scene. Shop brands include the famous Mason Pearson and KENT brushes and the styling range Hairbond UK, which is now also available for online purchase. In addition we offer and use John Masters Organics. Professional hairdressers will love the KentSalon brushes and our japanese scissors from Yasaka.


By appointment only. Mark mainly works in his new salon POP, Dejvicka 24, P6. See for detail, or phone 608579544.

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Trichomania - Prague
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Czech Republic, 12000, Prague, Anglická 8

Contact person:Mark Weston

Phone: 00420 608579544

Mobile: 00420 608579544
Accepted cards:
Master Card, Visa

Tuesday 09:30 - 15:00
Wednesday 09:30 - 20:00

Salon feed and ratings

Trichomania - Prague

2016-10-11 10:43 pm

TRICHOMANIA went POP and you can, too! :-) POP is the newest hair salon project from Trichomania owners Veronika and Mark Weston. A fresh, new salon in a lively area of Prague 6 - near Hradčanska metro - on Dejvicka Street No.24. POP offers haircuts and colours for everyone - men, women and children - and the same product ranges as Trichomania. Check out the price concept and all the details on The salon on Anglicka will be paused for a few months, whilst Mark will be fully available working with and training the team at POP.


Trichomania - Prague

2016-08-22 11:23 pm

10 TIPS for beautiful, l o n g hair (especially in winter)

1. Don’t rub!
Friction between people can create sparks, but hair suffers. Split ends and breakage are the results of exzessive rubbing when towel drying. Always be gentle.

2. Regular “invisible” trims!
Your hair grows an average of 1,2cm per month. Trimming 5mm every 6 weeks means your hair can grow and always look it’s best at the same time.

3. Cream your hands!
…and wipe them on (the tips of) your hair. Let it be a reminder to you; if your skin feels dry and your lips feel dry, then your hair is probably dry, too. You just don’t feel it. Leave-in moisturizing sprays can help avoid dry and static hair.

4. Be gentle!
Your hair is especially vulnerable when it’s wet, so don’t plough through tangles – breaking and tearing – but rather detangle with sensitivity.

5. Wear your hair “tucked in”!
Twist your hair loosely together and wear it under your scarf or coat for extra protection.

6. Avoid overheating!
Keep your hot styling Tool in motion.
Think of a candle; You only burn your hand. if you move it through the flame too slowly.

7. Use conditioning treatments
on the lengths and ends after EVERY shampoo and moisturize in-between with leave-in conditioners. Even the cheapest conditioner is better than none.

8. Add Olaplex
to all chemical treatments and use additionally if necessary to rebuild damaged hair.

9. Take a close look
at all your brushes and combs etc. and sort out any with rough corners or sharp edges.

10. Remember:
Hair doesn’t heal like skin does!
Take good care of your hair and avoid damage.


Trichomania - Prague

2016-02-03 11:58 pm

Trichomania Haircuts and Colours 2016

The Authentic Collection

„Precisely cut classic shapes, tempered with an undercurrent of punk spirit“

The idea for the photography was that after over 10 years of digital, it was time to go back to an analog format. Therefore we used black and white film in the medium format – 6x6cm – in an old Hasselblad from the 60’s. We chose the name ˇAuthentic Collectionˇ, because – like the photography where no photoshop was used – the hair is also completely real. No wigs, no hair pieces, or extentions and not even much styling at all. The „slept on“ look, little disconnections in the cuts and details in the fringe catch the „punk undercurrent“ and the mens cut – shorter through the top and longer on the hairline – nods to the Mods of the 60’s and to Britpop from the 90’s.